About Glenn

2008 NSA/Carolinas Member of the Year
2009 South Carolina Magician of the Year
2010/11 President of NSA/Carolinas

Yes, “Strange” is his name … his real name. Over 25 years ago Glenn found a magic shop. Forty eight hours later, he had business cards, and was dangerous. He had discovered a tool (magic) that had given him a reason to be funny in public. Up until that time he had only been funny for friends, family, and coworkers, behind closed doors.

He started out by performing for kid’s birthday parties …. or anyone else that would stand still for two or more minutes. Today, Glenn’s funny business specializes in providing quality entertaining programs for corporations, and associations all over the United States. His interactive program uses comedy, magic, with true life humorous stories to make people laugh, feel good about themselves, and look at their life in a bit of a “Strange” way.

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