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  • Upward Sports
  • Christian Academy Events
  • Junior/Senior Banquets
  • Outreach Programs
  • Comedy Outreach Night
  • Retreats
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • Appreciation Banquets
  • Fund Raisers
  • Mother/Daughter Banquets
  • Celebrations
  • Holidays
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  • Vacation Bible School
  • Father/Son Banquets

Upward Sports Awards Night

Upward Sports is a wonderful outreach ministry and the Awards Night is a special time that the kids and their families will always remember. You want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. I have had the privilege of performing for many of these events throughout the United States. My goal is to get the attention and gain the respect of the children and their families by using site gags, illusions, comedy, music and lots of just plain old good fun. After people have participated in this high energy show, laughed together, watched their friends and family members on stage in good clean, funny situations, their minds become more open. They are more receptive and listen to what is being said, because they have been laughing and feel good on the inside. Their thinking is sharp, fresh and alert. At this time I slow the pace of the show down and present a gospel message in an easy to understand, non-threatening way for both the children and the adults. The message is incorporated with music and a beautiful heart touching visual illusion.

During the season, you spent many hours teaching these kids athletic skills. You have given them self-confidence, boosted their self-esteem and shared Christ with them. The Awards Night is the big finale of the season, and it’s the kids’ night to feel like winners – both on the playing field and in Jesus Christ. It is very important for things to go well and end on a high note. Please don’t cut corners or underestimate the value of your kids’ final big event.

By choosing me as your Upward Awards night speaker, you can be assured your kids will experience a positive fun time laughing together and be touched with a visual Christian message that will remain in their minds for a lifetime.

I encourage you to call and reserve your preferred date now, before it’s too late. Upward Awards Night banquets all fall at the same time each year, and dates go really fast. Some churches book as much as a year in advance.

Comedy Outreach Night

It is sad but you and I know there are many people who do not feel the need to be an active member of a church. Some people would not even walk across the street to attend a worship service. But, just maybe, they would come to your church if they heard there was going to be a very funny comedian there to make them laugh and have a great time.

My Comedy Night Outreach program is designed to entertain people, make them relax and have a wonderful time laughing in God’s house. People will truly enjoy themselves and be glad they came. When people laugh together, they feel they are among friends and family. They will be more trusting, respectful and open minded. The program closes with a simple non-threating Christian message and is incorporated with music, and a visual illusion.

After my program your pastor should continue the light fun atmosphere by expressing his happiness to the people for coming, thank them, and invite them back to attend regular worship services and take part in other activities. This should be almost like a commercial for your church. He should explain some of the ministering services your church has to offer and the benefits of being part of your church family. This should be non-threating and take less than 5 minutes. You want everyone to leave that evening with great fun memories so they will return to learn more about God’s love and become active members.

Christian Academy Junior/Senior Banquet

Well, what would you do if your school didn’t have a prom? Students from Trinity Christian Academy in Oxford, AL, Hebron Christian Academy, in Atlanta, and other Christian Academies across US can relate to that question. Their schools don’t have a prom. Instead, they host a banquet.

A Junior-Senior Banquet is a really good alternative for the students. It gives them an opportunity to dress up, have a good time, do something special, and celebrate as a group before the senior class leaves for college, and the work force. It is a wonderful exciting time, and soon they will experience many changes in their lives. This is a special night and finding the right after dinner entertainment can sometimes be a challenge, You see, they’re not children any longer, but they’re not yet adults.

It’s always a joy when I have the opportunity to perform for a Christian Junior/Senior Banquet. Generally speaking, these young adults are a step above the average high school student. They’re mature, respectful, intelligent, happy, and full of energy. They make a great audience, and they’re always eager to participate. They love to laugh with their friends as they take part in respectful situation comedy routines on stage. It is very important to me that no one in my show is laughed at, and everyone has a great time laughing together.

Most all Junior/Senior Banquets fall within the same 3 week time period each year. Please do yourself a favor. Call as soon as possible to confirm your favorite date and avoid being disappointed. These dates go really fast.

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