Speak First – Think Second

Sometimes my mouth starts movin before my mind starts thinkin. Recently, I experienced this seconds before I was to be introduced on the TV show, “Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly”. The guest coordinator informed me that my segment would follow the 10:25 commercial brake.  I would then have 2 minutes to move my props into place and be set for the cameras to go back live.

Just as promised, at 10:25 on the dot, the commercial brake started. As I was quickly moving my table and magic props to the front side of the cameras, a thousand things were running through my mind. I was checking pockets, wondering if I had everything I needed for the tricks. What will they ask? Will I know the answers? Don’t stumble on your words Glenn? Stand straight. Relax. Have fun. Smile.

Then suddenly, a friendly voice from the dark side of the camera ask, “Glenn, can you count from 1 to 5?”  This caught me totally by surprise and with mouth in gear and mind not, I sharply answered, “Sure ….. been countin since I was in the first grade ….. been walkin since I was 2.”

I no sooner heard the words exit from my mouth and I realized I was asked to count so the sound technician could do a volume check on my microphone. Boy, did I feel like a smart mouth.

This reminded me of the time when I was 15 years old, and seconds after my quick words made my mother cry. That’s when my wise father said to me, “Boy, one day you’re gonna learn, it’s sometimes better to just keep your mouth shut.”

Your Carolina TV Show

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