I Have Experienced March Madness

This passed Sunday, Rita and I went to the newly openedBuffalo Wild Wings Restaurant. We’ve tried going several times before, but the parking lot has always been full, and people waiting outside the door. So, this time we went mid-afternoon expecting the crowd to be small.

The parking lot was crowded with cars, trucks, 2 Harley’s, and 3 Moped Scooters. You could tell they were Mopeds, because each had a paper tag on the rear that said, “MOPED”, Maybe that was to help them identify their ride when they came out. After all, they were parked next to the Harley’s, and it would be easy to confuse them. Anyway, we found a parking place and went inside. Even though they were busy, we were seated without a wait.

I was amazed at how many TV’s were hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. I counted 57 TV’s and that’s not counting the 5 hidden around the corner. My first thought was, “I wonder what their monthly cable bill runs?” Each and every TV was tuned to a basketball game that was going on somewhere else in the world. As if the players could hear them, the people in the restaurant were shouting, screaming, and applauding for their favorite team. While others were booing their not-so-favorite team. On top of all that, it sounded like the volume of the 57 TV’s was running at maximum level. It was evident that these people were not there just to eat chicken wings. They were there for basketball.

We screamed our order to the waitress and after a lengthy time, our food arrived. I guess the cooking staff had basketball TV’s hanging in their kitchen too. Once we had our food, I had the waitress change the channel of the TV closest to us. It wasn’t even one of the big ones.  I mean they had 56 other TV’s to watch. All I needed was one medium size. You’d think they would just quietly pick another TV to watch. But no, not that day. I can’t believe I was the only one in there that wanted to watch “The Home & Garden” channel. I also can’t believe how painful well thrown chicken wing bones are. Yes, I experience March Madness”. Must have made about 150 basketball fans mad at the same time. Don’t they know March is the time for planting not watching 57 games of basketball at once.

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