Been Thinking

This past year, I was required to show my photo ID, to board a plane, board a cruise ship, check luggage, rent a car, rent a hotel room, rent a Post Office Box, rent a carpet cleaner, apply for a loan, write a check, cash a check, use a check card,  visit a doctor, pickup a package, mail a package, enter a school, enter a federal building, take an exam, get a library card, get a gym membership, get a rebate, buy medication, buy gas additive,  buy propane, buy insurance, buy a Bic lighter, buy a handgun, buy a bullet, buy drain cleaner, adopt a dog, and even to buy a 12oz bottle of horse liniment at the local feed & seed. Well, at least #1) I didn’t have to show a photo ID of my horse #2) The liniment helped my sore shoulder, and #3) I will not be required to show my photo ID when I vote. That all makes perfectly good sense to me.

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