Please Your Gut, Not Your Friends

Ernie’s Dwarf Car Museum is Now on My Bucket List

Before comedy, I drag raced on the IHRA circuit for 14 years, and was a machine designer for even more years. So, I have an appreciation for unique cars, a respect for mechanical craftsmanship, and an admiration for people that march to their own drum.

More impressive than Ernie Adam’s finished dwarf cars, is Ernie himself. He’s an example of the type individuals that helped make America great. He’s what we should all strive to do with our lives. No, not build mini cars from the junk of others, but strive to discover our personal God given individual uniqueness, and to embrace that uniqueness with confidence and passion. We should learn to trust and follow our initial gut feelings without hesitation and never allow others to convince us otherwise.

The fact that Ernie has the amazing ability to visualize and fabricate with great detail, small running cars, will probably never make a huge difference in the world, but Ernie’s, determination, his work ethics, his humbleness, and the inter peace with which he lives his everyday life is making a positive difference in the lives of those around him.

So, what’s your unique talents? Are you using them? Are you letting other’s plan your life for you? How can they possibly understand your true purpose which God has ingrained in only you?  Stop trying to please others and start pleasing your gut.


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