Finding the Funny in Golf

I can remember way back when I was a kid, golf was considered a wealthy man’s game. A game that was for the above average intelligent successful people in the community.

No golf courses were opened to the general public.  They were all private and part of an exclusive country club. In our area only doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives played the game.  With the exception of ministers, priest, and rabbi’s that were allowed to play golf free every Monday.  That was the slow day at the golf course, and the time they scheduled all their lawn care, maintenance, and improvements. There were never any complaints because of lawn equipment interrupting someone’s game or effecting their scores.  The club owners and managers knew these gentlemen were held to a higher standard in the community, and would do nothing to damage their reputation. You know, like cussing out loud, throwing clubs, or using inappropriate hand gestures.

My-o-my, how things have changed.  Golf course maintenance is now conducted everyday of the week, with no such thing as FREE Monday golf for community ministers, priest, and rabbi’s.  They pay, they play, and they’re allowed to cuss out loud, throw clubs, or make inappropriate hand gestures.  Golf is no longer considered a game limited to just the highly intelligent wealthy successful people.  Made in China golf clubs are cheap and now any poor idiot can play. That includes the average destructive, property damaging, drunks, and/or the mental deficient American citizen.

To prove what I’m saying, Watch, Laugh, and Enjoy this Funny Golf Video.  The song makes it even more funny.

If the video is not visible, click here:

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